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Your Great River Road Travel Destination

Whether visiting by car, motorcycle, or boat via the Mississippi River....

It's that place "you enter as strangers and leave as friends"!

Nauti Hawg

Placed charmingly along the scenic banks of the Mississippi River in the serene Diamond Bluff, Wisconsin, The Nauti Hawg stands as a testament to leisure and community. As a laid-back bar & grill, we take pride in offering an inviting haven for all who seek a memorable experience by land or water.

Our journey began with a clever play on words that fused the essence of boats and bikes, birthing the unique name "Nauti Hawg." This creative twist has since established our small-town gem as a renowned destination for those seeking a noteworthy pit stop.

Situated just off Scenic Hwy 35 in Wisconsin, The Nauti Hawg offers more than a meal – it offers an enchanting vista of the river, both from our cozy indoor dining space and the inviting outdoor deck. As you savor your favorite dishes, the tranquil river view accompanies every bite, making your dining experience truly exceptional. And for those who prefer the fresh air, our outdoor bar and deck overlooking the river provide the perfect setting to unwind.

Our vibrant and welcoming atmosphere will keep you coming back! Our staff is more than just friendly; they're fun-loving, ensuring that every visit is filled with laughter and good times. The heart and soul of our establishment is owner Janell and her dedicated team, who are committed to treating every guest like family.

Whether you're arriving in cars, boats, or bikes, The Nauti Hawg extends a warm invitation to experience the charm that has made us a beloved part of the Diamond Bluff community. Join us for a casual and delightful rendezvous, where the flavors of our menu harmonize with the stunning river views, and where the memories you create will linger long after you leave.

Nauti Hawg
Nauti Hawg
Nauti Hawg
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